Learn about a multi format educational, learning and therapeutic tool based on the principles of neurodiversity, psychological well being and improving linguistic inclusion.


We have designed the Interactive Sand Table so that you can use it together with the Interactive Sand and its educational games, and, after covering the table with the included lid, use the software and the letter blocks for educational activities with letters, words, sentences, as a language teaching tool, and as a support for the speech and language therapy.

Why sand?

Our body's tactile perception stimulates our whole body through the skin, which has many active points Contact with sand has a positive effect on well being, the functioning of the internal organs, relieves pain, anxiety, insomnia and stress.

A tool for teachers

Educational games with blocks are focused on language engagement and reading development.

Children will learn not only to read, but also to write, and will be able to remember the meanings of new words more easily thanks to the interactive visuals.

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